Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Some little bits on maternity style!! I feel like I have totally neglected this part of my blog but probably because I have made no effort what so ever!! I do plan to do a video on maternity style and tips on what you really should be doing when buying maternity clothes!! First off all it is important to feel good during pregnancy, and looking good helps you feel good! Its a time when body changes so much and can give you such mixed feelings so with a few style tips, you may be able to feel so much more blooming! 
So here is my top 5 tips for maternity style and clothing and also my outfit of the day!

Tip 1 - Buy a decent bra! INVEST!! seriously invest in a good and decent bra. Your boobs will seriously grow and continue to throughout you pregnancy, and there is nothing that will make you feel more miserable that not having a supportive and decent bra!!I have the Emma Jane Maternity bra and it is amazing and also borrowed some off a friends brought at Debenhams! Yes they are more costly but well worth the money!!

Tip 2 - Wear empire line tops and dresses!! It is where the seam comes underneath the bust! Most maternity tops are like it but a lot of ordinary tops and dress are like it too and they look so pretty!!

Tip 3 - Leggings!! These have been life saving for me and so so comfy!! I recommend H and M for cheap, quality ones, or Noppies brand who do adjustable sides so the leggings adjust to your bump! You can team leggings with so much!!

Tip 4 - Keep it simple so its not too costly, and just accessorize! The top that I am wearing is also from H and M and its very simple and comfy, however I have teamed with with a blazer, jeans, or pretty scarfs like here and leather boots to give a polished look!!

Tip 5 - Maternity clothes are NOT a waste of money, If you plan to have more children they can be kept, but if anything 9, months though it does go fast, can also be quite slow when your not feeling comfortable!! Just a few leggings, a pair of jeans (Asos maternity do some fab ones!) a couple of jersey tops and your favorite accessories may be enough!!

And here is my outfit of the day! Not going far so just a simple jersey, with bright scarf! My hair dryer broke to was waiting for hair to dry before I put it in a top not!

Have a good day:)

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