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So here we are again another week down, now i have done a video update on this week which goes into more depth and this will be posted tomorrow and uploaded on my channel then too! But I will continue to write updates to for my non subscribers!(which if you are on YouTube please like and subscribe you wont regret it!!!;p)!!

SO this week has been pretty busy with work and finishing off last minute bits and bobs of art, and illustration and also sorting out my new channel and my old channel. I have had a lot of make up enquiries but currently not able to fulfill them at the point of my pregnancy. So I am kind of on a 'half' maternity leave!!

I have felt more positive this week than last, if you watched my vlog of my 31 week update, you would have ready about how I am really struggling with my mood and lack of bond with baby at this present time, and sadly rather angry and resentful towards people who are feeling a bond with their unborn babies just wishing that I could feel the same. And the response to that video was amazing and people have really reassured me that it is totally normal and that I have nothing to worry about. I shall go into this a bit more on my vlog, which will be live tomorrow, but my main focus is with myself and our baby and not worrying or focusing on others and how they are and not comparing. 

Health wise not been great, bloods are all over the place and back to the rind and grind of hospitals just like before I was pregnant!! But its ok I am use to it, I guess I enjoyed and got too use to the lovely break I had during the 2nd trimester!!
I also had my baby shower that was amazing!!! Vlog to follow that too. All videos mentioned are coming this week!!
Now some of you may know how passionate I am about attachment parenting which breastfeeding is a huge part of and how I so desperately and firmly believe I will do. However I am starting to get sick of the constant negative spin people are putting on it for me. Which seems to be a theme of the week!!
I have also got another vlog coming or 'vlog mega rant' on breastfeeding!!! 
(BEFORE I CONTINUE I A NOT BASHING FORMULA!! I fully understand and except peoples choice, I DO NOT believe formula is a bad thing or anything or the sort just to make that clear)

 Responses such as -
"You probably wont take to it or there wont be a latch"
"Oh trust me, you will be far to tired to get past the 2nd week, you will be reaching for that bottle, it will make your life soooo much easier"
"if you want a proper routine then stick him on formula!!"

Ok in answer to response one, as soon as I have had the baby, I am being transferred to cottage hospital midwife led unit, that specialises in breastfeeding establishment and extra postnatal care. The number one reason for me going there (for what could be anything up to 10 days though I very much doubt it will be that long at all!) is to establish a good, pain free latch and to be able to leave confident that I can effectively and exclusively breastfeed. My midwife is 110% backing me on this and so happy with my positive decision to do this. If there is any tongue tie issues that can be sorted there and if there are other issues then fine I have to accept that. 

On the answer to the second, breastfeeding is tiring I am aware of that, but hundreds of millions of women do it, in countries where access to formula isn't there!! I do not personally, and this is my choice, want to take the easy way out but putting him on formula just so I can sleep better. I have never taken the easy route, I have always taken what I feel to be the right route and so not prepared to start that now. I am aware that during growth spurts they can feed every hour even! I have seen friends crying because they feel their baby is constantly on them, feel totally exhausted and drained, and did they ever stop, NO they kept going, because babies feed supply on demand so if they need more milk, a mother gives it. 
And in regards to number three, well I same as answer two I guess!!
 A good friend today lent me a beautifully illustrated book, that I now plan to buy and pass to others called The Food Of Love by Kate Evans in which she describes how in non western societies, feeding is not and should not be considered as private when there is a baby to feed, women discreetly feed n public when their baby needs feeding. She states women there do not need to learnt how to breastfeed as they see it all around them, and myself coming from Mexico, I totally agree. she states that here in the west, our tribal support net work has almost vanished, Breasts here are sexy. bottle feeding is pushed as being easier and thus babies miss out. Again I am NOT slating  women who felt they could not feed due to adequate support, a tongue or other health issues including medication dependency that is not suitable for breastfeeding. It is ones personal choice, what saddens me and what is my point is the lack of support, and peoples choices to take the easier route. I waited until I was 30 to have a baby because I KNOW its going to hard work, but also incredibly rewarding.

So there was my rant which again I shall have a vlog about too!!

Ok i shall leave you with a bump shoot and weekly stats!! And yes again I am going on about vlog, but it will be there tomorrow!! 
Also those on Google+ though I do not use it much, feel free to add me on my new one that is linked for my new vlog channel!! The other one (the one link to here, is still very active:) )

How far along? 32+5 weeks

Total weight gain: I lost a lot since christmas mainly because I had a horrible chest infection and flu all in one that lasted 2 weeks!I think I have gained a bit back but unfortunately not what I lost.
Maternity clothes? All the same, a few tops and leggings, at the time I don't feel the need to by more so close to due date but rather managing with what I have!!
 Stretch marks? no! I thought I would get some but not at the moment! 
Sleep: struggling this week with it still, baby very active, worlds worst heartburn and also a terrible pain in my pancreatic region which I am still undergoing tests, Amylase is still very high so it remains a worrying mystery!!
What I miss: Alcohol, I know its terribly to say but the odd cigarette, going on rides like Alton Towers, running around. I also not miss being to breath properly and sit for long periods of time!!
Movement:at this stage his movement is vital to knowing how well he is doing. And he is extremely active!! He is even keeping my husband up, and also kicking tea out of my hands!!
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Reflux that is terrible,shortness of breath, emotional, other medical issues back, that's about it!!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: never had any cravings,but really lost my appitite for all food unless is sweet or cooked for me! My hunger was constant at first and now its not:( I eat a lot of yogurt, but Its more because its all I fancy eating and its sweet rather than craving it.
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate, my tea now has to be really strong, certain savory items, so all still the same.

Mood: I am all over the place!!One day ok and one day not so much!But it is better:)

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