Thursday, 9 January 2014


 WOW ok so I am very very very behind on my blog posts!! Well it has been Christmas and I have also been pretty unwell.

I wont bore you with too much updates, all has been well and pretty much the same as since week 23. Ofcourse I have got bigger and really struggled with pain in my back. I did find myself in hospital a few times with a UTI, and also various other issues. 

But all in all things have progressed well and I shall move straight on to my 30 week update!! I cant believe I am 30 weeks already!!

So this week I had my GTT test to see if i might have or be developing gestational diabetes. I have been incredibly ill this week with both the flu and a chest infection despite having the flu jab. It left me with a horrible fever and the hot flushes still wont seem to go away, hardly able to eat much or keep much down, and generally feeling very weak. Not to mention struggling with my constantly low potassium, and a nasty nasty cough to go with it that I am sure is powerful enough to break a rib!! I am on the mend however and feeling better but its very slow. We went to London with friends on the 2nd of Jan and I am sure I caught it then!! 

Anyway back to the test, I had to starve from 10,pm the night before and go in for 3 different blood tests after every hour, oh and after the first drink a bottle of lucozade in 5 mins!! Feeling ill on top of that was not nice! In between that time I had my growth scan. Baby Mackin is measuring as very small, with little short legs which has to be genetic my husband and I are both small! But he also has a small little belly and is right below the low percentile line on the chart. He is in proportion though so that is good! The consultant is not too concerned and many mums have told me not to listened to much to the growth scans and charts and soooo many people I know get told they are having a small baby and end up with a large baby!! The main worry/issue from it really was that I unfortunately I have not been able to keep my weight up which at this stage should be a little bit higher.Which is why they suspect him to be so small around his belly. There are some creatinine in my blood meaning somewhere my body is burning muscle not fat. I am built very high muscle due to a lot of sports in the past which is why I didn't notice the weight loss sooner. Its not much in the blood or drastic but must be stopped now as it could also effect my kidneys so weather I like it or not I have to try and gain some more fat even though I feel I have plenty already. I am defo not underweight anymore I am sure. I didn't realize but the baby takes from the fat from your body NOT what you eat. Either way I am not worried about the scan, as he looked fine and its not as if Chris and I are large people!!

So that was that! Rather brief but I shall leave you with a quick summery below.
Ohh also we have decided to use cloth nappies! So once I have set up my YouTube channel linked to this blog, I shall be going cloth tutorials and information videos too. And tomorrow doing a whole post about them for those mums who are confused by it all as I most certainly was!!

Here are some photos. Oh and he is presenting as Frank Breech like this. How he is comfy I do not know!!

Below is I think 25 weeks
 and now 30 weeks!! In all my husbands sports gear!!lol

How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain: I had gained a lot about a stone and a half at first but seems I have lost quite a bit off that. But certainly not back to my pre pregnancy weight
Maternity clothes? Same as before,managed to wear more flattering cloths over Christmas, but now I am being rather plain and boring in leggings and hoodie! Its far too cold to dress in the nice clothes I have and nothing else fits!!At this stage I don't see the point in buying more maternity clothes.
 Stretch marks? no! I thought I would get some but not at the moment! 
Sleep: struggling this week with it as I have been so ill, but they gave me Codeine so that has helped!!
What I miss: Alcohol, I know its terribly to say but the odd cigarette, going on rides like Alton Towers, running around. 
Movement:at this stage his movement is vital to knowing how well he is doing. I make sure I feel a least 10 a day but its always constant.
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Reflux that is terrible,bleeding, shortness of breath, emotional!!
Wedding rings on or off? off some days and on on others!
Cravings: non but really lost my appitite for all food unless is sweet or cooked for me! My hunger was constant at first and now its not:(
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate, my tea now has to be really strong, certain savory items.
Mood: I am all over the place!!One day ok and one day not so much!

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