Monday, 4 November 2013


 Sorry I not done my updates as I should!!But never mind I am back!!
So things this week and last have been great we had our 20 week scan which showed that our little boy is fine and has no issues that can be seen so far which was fab news. Until this scan I was unable to really get exited or to buy anything and was quite superstitious as well as other friends and family of mine that buying anything before this scan wasn't the best idea for us. This was just something I felt I couldn't do and I felt 'safer' this way. But now I feel that I can get buying. 

Lots of people have also looked at us like its a shame that we now know the sex. I disagree. People who know me know that I would go mad not knowing,I can now fully plan and buy things and really make a lovely nursery rather than neutral as most of the things in the shops that are neutral are not so nice like grey and white!! Also I think there is always a surprise element anyway when even meeting your baby and seeing them for the first time. Also we have seen his little ding dong twice and know for sure he is a boy!) When we have another child we probably wont find out but me being me very much NEEDED to know!!I am too much of a prepare and control freak!

I have refused to buy any new things that are small (tiny baby and newborn and some 0-3) as babies grow so quick and the cost of buying them new is insane considering how small things are!! So I raided friends houses and sales and wants of people I knew and brought lots of beautiful things at a fraction of the price and saved tons of money!!I have also started crocheting little hats and will be doing mitts soon so that have saved lots too! 

We have decided to go with the Oyster Max pram and the carrycot is £115 and he will only be in it for such a short time and we managed to buy a nearly new in black for £40!! BARGAIN!!
Also brought a beautiful moses basket of a friend (same one is £99 pounds in Mothercare)for £15! Also a highchair and breastpump. After adding up the cost of what the clothes and items would be new we have saved over £400!! I get such a buzz of it! Even if we were millionaires I would still be a superscrimper and proud!!

I have brought a couple of items new such as toys, nursery set including curtains, cot mobile, sleeping bags in the 'Happy Town' theme from Mothercare. We will be buying the pram and maxi cosi car seat new. 
I will be making a lot of things for the nursery such as a needle felted mobile, pillows, mini hot air balloons bunting and also both Chris and I will be painting a mural on the wall of clouds and fields with hot air balloons. I want it to have a vintage feel so collecting older style toys and decor (a lot in Ikea)!

Oh and this week we will be picking up our new car (Skoda Fabia TDI) and I am so exited!! We needed to as my little Clio I have had since a student and very attached too isn't suitable at all and also we really need two cars and I am passing on the Clio to my husband the lucky thing :p! So this one is a nice family friendly one with isofix and all around airbags etc large boot and it even has cruise control, aircon, mp3 and heated wing mirrors! And its super economical on fuel and is only £30 a year tax!!

These past couple of weeks I have been feeling really tired and unfortunately my physical health hasn't been the greatest (unrelated to pregnancy) I feel like I am spending most of my time in hospitals at the moment which i was used to before but having done so well to keep away for so long it seems I am back!! However it hasn't effected the pregnancy in anyway and just ongoing issues of mine that I wont go into at present but nothing major to worry about!

I have also 'popped' out this week and feeling HUGE!! I am at the stage of feeling like my sides are splitting having not eaten anything!! I am also struggling for breath at times and waddling my way upstairs already! and that Is with 4.5 more months to go!!

How far along? 20 weeks and  3 days

Total weight gain: Not sure how much but it seems to have stopped now!!I dread to think and will NOT be weighing myself for this pregnancy. People have asked why and with my digestive disorder and metabolic issues as a result of that, I feel its quite different to the type or weight gain of the average healthier person
Maternity clothes? Maternity leggings and some tops.I have some jeans but i have always HATED wearing them! My normal style if vintage/quirky  and I have not been able to dress like 'me' seeing moving here let alone being pregnant though lack of confidence to I am determined to change that!!
 Stretch marks? no 
Sleep: struggling this week with it and cant seem to get comfy!
What I miss: Starting to miss my body that I used to have but also embracing the changes and my bump
Movement: Yes alot more! We have a very active baby but now I can feel more kicks and hubby can feel them too! I feel it when I am sat down, or lying down. Not so much when moving about.
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: some cramps and pains around the belly, stretching feeling around my belly (though not my skin weirdly) shortness of breath, emotional!!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non as such but loving lemonade!!and also savoury things more!
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate, and recently gone of tea and started only drinking herbal tea. I have gone off a lot of things mostly sweet
Mood: I am all over the place!!One day ok and one day not so much!

Here is the little hat I made

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