Tuesday, 1 October 2013


This week my bump has really really popped out and I decided that it really was time to just store away my old wardrobe and buy in!!

I have really struggling with finding some decent maternity leggings that are good quality and can be folded down or are under the bump, which I prefer, other than H&M and even then they are only black ones!!

I have never been one of these people just loves jeans and will only really wear them when there is an occassion or there it is cold and I am leaving the house for the whole day!!! I know seems odd but i am such a LEGGINGS girl!!

Sooooo,,, I brought some amazing jeans from ASOS such as these Elgin Mid wash underbelly Jeans which are under the bump 

I also brought this digital floral print T Shirt top that I will probably wear with a long sleeved top under neath for extra warmth in winter!!

But by far the best thing that I have seen then best purchases my grey leggings!! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for grey leggings and it just make such a contrasting different from the usual black ones!! And means that outfits can be mixed and matched so much better!

I brought them on amazing from a company in Amsterdam. Noppies Maternity Leggings are FANTASTIC quality and the best bit is that they are adjustable and so you can have them a tight or as loose as you want meaning they get bigger as your bump does. They are super warm, under the bump, come in a range of colours,  and just feel so soft and perfect! They are not the cheapest but you pay for what you get and I can tell that these are going to last a good while!

So there is my little blurb of excitement about my items coming in the post and as I type I have brought more!!YAY!!so will do a Maternity fashion parade for you soon:)

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