Thursday, 3 October 2013


So finally my order that I made the other day from ASOS has arrived!! My amazing Nobbies leggings that I spoke about in my last post arrived and I have not stopped wearing them all week! So it was nice to have a change and get my new items in! 
Until now I was given some maternity items, and just brought on top and basic black leggings that I pretty much live in, and one pair on cream maternity jeans for a night I out had coming up!
 So I am happy to get my mini collections of essentials started! But other than a new maternity coat  I will try and work my normal clothes in!! So watch this space!

Here is the floral print T from new look, with the mid wash jeans that I under the bump which I find so comply, I really hate jeans at the best of times so I wouldn't mind wearing these even if I wasn't pregnant! 

And this is the outfit I wore out. It was SOO hard to find something that fit me and didnt make me look fat, and also that was suitable for the evening. This top I brought YEARS ago in Miss Selfridge after seen a pregnant friend at the time wear the pink version. But I lost so much weight in 2006 through illness, it literally didn't fit at all! It hung off me terribly and the boobs bits were like empty sacks!
 However unlike all my other clothes this top I kept as I loved it so much that I thought one day maybe I will fit into it again or get it adjusted. Deep down I think I kept it for when I got pregnant which is something I never thought would happen and now look!!!
(excuse the 'I am sober but going to pretend to be fun and drink' pose!!}

You cant see my bump so well but it hangs off nicely, You can kind of make it out here...
And these are the jeans I teamed it with from the same Maternity Jeans Line from ASOS

So I hope this is a little bit of inspiration for the week and I will be back again soon!!!

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