Monday, 21 October 2013


 SO this week we went for our 18 week sexing scan which included a 4D peek!!! We have been so exited about this scan and the morning went by so slowly as the scan was at 4pm!

It was done at our usual place Babyvision in Shrewsbury. I couldn't recommend this place more as it has been the place I have gone for all my early pregnancy scans. It is a private clinic and the prices reflect the quality of the scan. Worth every penny in my opinion!

When we got in, I could see Chris's face beaming with excitement as she scanned over my belly and we saw out baby once again! It revealed a much larger baby with very long legs!!

She then went to reveal that our baby is in fact a little BOY!!! We are thrilled to bits! Chris espcially as it means he has a little Evertonian to take to the football! Though we always have referred to him as a he, part of me really did think we were having a girl, only as my mum is one of 8 girls, her sisters all have girls except 2 and it just seemed there are so many girls! I didn't care what we have as long as they are healthy and well but I wont lie I am SO glad we are having a boy. Far to many women in our family haha!! I always believe I would have a daughter but never saw myself having a son so it feels very nice.

Heart rate was down from last time 159 to 148  which she said is normal. He was wriggling around like mad which you shall see on the videos I am posting below. He is very active and making lots of lovely movements such as trying to put his thumb in his mouth though didn't seem to be able to quite do it!! Last time at 12 weeks he did put his whole had in his mouth.
Oh and another thing he did was scratch his bum, just like daddy!!haha. He is very dexterous and you can see him moving his little hands well.

Here is some 4D movements and also baby trying to put thumb in his mouth!
On the 4D peek I could really see features of Chris. His mothers side (Pye) have beautiful high cheek bones and jawline (have been the envy of mine as I hate my cheeks and I have no cheekbones what so ever!) and a lovely shaped nose, and it seems baby Mackin has the same!! He looks like his Daddy!

A lot of people have asked us if we have chosen a name. Answer is yes and no. We have a name however until we actually see what he looks like when he is born and see if the name suits him, is when we decide. Also we shall not be telling anyone until he is born and we wont be referring to him as the name we have chosen as we love the name and don't want to over say it and change our minds!! It took us ages to get to this decision!

Here is his 2D scan
As you can see he has such lovely little legs and feet..naww!
                               Here is his 4D scan, he is tucking his face away                   here, but you can again see his little feet!!

                              Here is his full face!!Definitely has the Pye family cheekbones!! He looks like Chrissie! I am worried however about the chord as it seems to be around his neck! But I am sure this is no cause for alarm as they would have said and I will just clarify it at the next scan.

And a sneaky bump pick that should really be for my 18 week update but oh well!!

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