Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This week has just been chilled and Chris and I went Glamping!!! We stayed in these amazing heated pods with electricity so we had a kettle and laptop and everything!!

So this is where we stayed!!!It was eventful seeing as our lovely little dog Mr Patch decided to escape and run after horses!! Anyway we pottered about in a beautiful village called Church Stretton only about 40 mins from where we live and it really help me rest my mind a bit. In fact I even brought my first purchase for the baby! It was in a charity shop that the old ladies from the Women's Instituted knitted. They were so beautiful and I don't know anyone that knits so I had to get them!

The day we came back from the pods we had yet another scan (I know!!!I am really bad with my anxiety!!!
Same place again BabyVision and this time out baby was VERY active and had done about 5 somersaults whilst we were there and turned on its side to face us and everything! We heard the heartbeat again and all seems ok. Baby Measured at 12 weeks not 11 weeks 4 days like we thought bringing my EDD right back to the one we first worked out at 19th March!!

What I think I have missed writing about is that I have a very long history with several illnesses since childhood that had permanently effected my health. I will do a blog about this and also update my About US section so you know, So keep watch out for that.

 My bump seems massive here BUT it was totally flat the next morning then like this again by evening so i am sure its bloating!!

How far along? 12 weeks 0 days
Total weight gain: Not checking! But defo fatter!
Maternity clothes? Maternity leggings
Stretch marks? no
Sleep:  weird vivid dreams still! and up for pee!
What I miss: Nothing at the moment
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Bloating, backache, acne
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate and gone off water veg like cucumber
Mood: Better and actually feeling happier and positive

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