Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I thought that I would compile a quick list of tips that can make your skin look beautiful! Its quick and easy, and good for your skin!!

People who I have spoken to over the last few months who lead busy lives constantly tell me the same thing 
'I don't have time', 'I can't be bothered with all the faff', and the best one 'I just use baby wipes'!!!
Well baby wipes should be left for babies bums not faces! It is so important to take care of skin well, especially as you only have one face!

So here are a few tips that might help you along the way!!!

  • USE WATER! -  In the same time it takes to use a wipe, is the same to splash your face with water! It is far more hygienic than moving dirt around the skin!
  • CLEANSE - This is the most important stage of skincare. Apply your cleaner to dry skin first and rub gently into the skin, then use a flannel or clean cloth with hot water and wipe and rinse off. Your skin will love you for it!!Try and stick to cleansing oils and balms as they break down make up and impurities and avoid 'FOAMING' cleansers as they will turn you skin Alkaline(breeding ground for bacteria) due to the 'surfactant' in it that make it foam up.
  • TONE - Toning is not just removing excess dirt and refreshing.  A good toner can exfoliate the skin gently. Scrubs can damage skin and cause broken capillaries and redness. An astringent toner containing Salicylic acid such as VICHY-NORMADERM - Purifying Astringent Toner will help remove any dead skin cells and prep the skin. 
  • Use it under eyes also! Though companies say not to they have to by law, but providing these have no Alcohol, which this doesn't, then it is good to use under eyes to help prevent Milia forming(Tiny white spots under the skin epidermis, will post about this next week)
  • Use a toning spray after such as Jane Iredale - Balance Anti Oxidant Hydration Spray or one of my faves the La Roche Posey Thermal Spring Water. This is the only spring water that I know of that contains Selenium and Zinc that help fight spots, anti oxidize skin and hydrate.
  • Once you have done this, do not wait to skin to dry, as the moisture evaporates off the skin, it takes the moisture within the skin with it and thus, drying it out! So apply moisturizer over damp or wet skin. Use something more hydrating rather than emollient unless you have very very dry skin! Currently as its summer I have oily to combination skin and I use Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Day Mattifier SPF 15 by Avon.
  • Follow with a good eye cream and I shall be writing a post about this soon.
Though the explanations seem rather long winded, I feel it is important to know this information, But the steps them self take minutes, and believe me your skin will thank for your it especially in years to come!!
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