Tuesday, 10 September 2013

MAC Face and Body Tutorial!

OK sooooo it has taken me AGES to do a review on this and the reason why was because I didn't think I liked F&B that much!! I just couldn't seem to get it to work well on my skin, however I was able to use it on clients all the time and determined to make it work on myself!!

MAC Face and Body is

*Sheer to medium coverage
*Water Based - Less breakouts due to less silica
* Water Resistant - Great for brides and weddings as should emotions fly high, you wont have to worry about it running!
*Transfer resistant -  Ideal at a wedding also!
*Used all over the body on the day, particularly the chest.
*Good or ideal for DRY skin as the emollients in it help to moisturize the skin
* The more you work this product into the skin, the thicker it becomes allowing for fuller more build-able coverage
*WIDE shade range including white that can be used for mixing.
* Photographs beautifully and contains no SPF and does not flashback
*Comes in 50ml and retails at £20.50 or 120ml and retails at £26.50

*Can be difficult to work with it you don't know how
*Coverage is minimal and best for people with relatively good skin
* NO SPF - This is a PRO if you are working with photography as there will be no flashback but a CON if you were to use this every day as there is no sun protection.

I have made a YouTube tutorial showing how to use this product. I found that the best way is to use your fingers. A lot of people use a flat topped kabuki and on Pixiwoo's tutorials Nic will often use the Expert Facebrush which also works quite well. But I found that clean hands and fingers work best to blend it into the skin, then areas which need more coverage do the same in circular motions until you feel the product thicken, then use a tapping motion with your finger to blend it out. 

When you start to use it shake the bottle really well, as the water can separate. Pop it onto the back of your hand or you can just rub it onto your finger tips and blend it over the skin. 

Once the foundation has dried you can leave it but I ALWAYS set any foundation with a powder. The one I use is Skin Finish Natural and use Medium and then Medium dark as a bronze.
In the video I posted I used this product wet and it goes on like a cream in fact the finish reminded me of the Chanel Bronze Universal so I will do another blog on this also as Skin Finish Natural does come under and can be used as a foundation and used in the cream method IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

All in all it is now one of my favorite foundations!!
Finished result...I AM HAPPY!!(Though maybe I should smile in the next photo!!)

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