Friday, 27 September 2013


SO this week has been a little bit more relaxed and I have been much less anxious than during my first trimester!! I have been really really busy with work and hospital appointments this week (nothing related to pregnancy)so I guess that has kept me from over thinking!!! 
I have been feeling ok, but one thing is that I am feeling very very FAT!!! I have always been very underweight, and always worn the same clothes for pretty much the last few years, with the odd new item here and there but things like jeans I buy, I tend to keep for a while, same with dresses and tops. I have always had to shop in H&M childrens section for trousers and jeans and worn aged 12 everytime. Even Size 8 has almost always been to big especially around the leg. So as you can imagine wearing bigger has been a massive shock!! I wanted to be more shapely but now I am starting to get a bit too shapely for my liking! My jeans are now in storage and I am in maternity but getting into my other jeans is like a distant memory and I am shocked I even ever fit into them! Bras I have never really worn just vest tops and if I do wear them I am a 32B or 30A. Now I am in 32 C/D!!!!Its so so weird for me!!I cant even explain, I like it at first then as I got bigger and bigger its just feels horrible. Kind of more puffy out and like I am swollen? However I am not really liking the weight gain around the midriff (not my bump but just above!) and really need to start thinking about packing away all my old clothes and embracing maternity clothes sooner!! I think this will make me feel better about myself, and I am sure when my bump gets bigger I will feel happier as at the moment, it is at the size where unless you know me you cant tell that easily that I am pregnant!! It is all going to be so worth it, but like most women a changing body is hard to get used to and its the sudden change that has been hard. I am not even eating any more than I was before due to my digestive issues and certainly not as much fat,(though I have just devoured many cakes at our Macmillan coffee morning!) on top of drink supplements that I am mainly having so maybe its not wonder!

As for how I have been feeling, I have been ok apart fro feeling a bit more tired and worn out quicker than before. Also on Monday I had terrible dizziness and light headedness that caused me to nearly collapse then on top of that we suspect my potassium took a nose dive again (I have chronic hypokalemia and anemia), as I was unable to hold myself up on my legs for a few hours on Tuesday, but by the time I got my bloods done I had taken extra and felt a bit better. I also got my iron checked when I suspected might have actually been ok, and I was glad that it was. Just before we moved here, my iron went down to 2 and I was given a blood transfusion, which has really helped me to build up my stores and so though at the time it wasn't great it has set me up quite well for this pregnancy. Then by Thursday morning, I feel better which was just as well as I had to travel to Birmingham for a dental hospital appointment.

When I went to the doctor she was surprised that I was only on midwife led care and has now sent me for obstetrician lead care which is what I should have been to start with. My osteopena (thinning bones)was quite severe in 2009 and then 2 more years of no periods has mean that in 2011 it progressed to some osteoporosis of the hips and though its mild, the osteopena is still there mostly in my spine and the pregnancy could cause it to get worse. Meaning that due to the weight of my baby, and the birth It could be a massive risk and in worse case break my back literally, or fracture my hips during birth. So my whole birthing plan will now have to be re assessed. It sounds drastic but its not as bad as it seems, at worse I may have to deliver slightly earlier via C section. But I will know more when I see the obstetrician.  And to be honest I was just to releaved to be able to get pregnancy and as long as my baby is health I don't mind what kind of birth I have!! But other than these new findings all seems ok)

OHHHH and I brought a dopler in the end!! I am a bit naughty with it and use it twice a day, but it keeps me calm and reassured:) It is the Angelsound one and though doesn't give a heart rate its pretty good for the money! 
Well I shall go for now, I have rambled, but will post more about the weekly shenanigans and also my husband who keeps asking 'have you written about me yet!!' So he might have to have a blurb written about him!!

How far along? 15 weeks and 0 days

Total weight gain: Defo Gained!! Not sure how much!!I dread to think and will NOT be weighing myself for this pregnancy. People have asked why and with my digestive disorder and metabolic issues as a result of that, I feel its quite different to the type or weight gain of the average healthier person
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings, some jeans and some tops
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Still weird dreams and the odd wake up for a pee!
What I miss: Starting to miss my body at 11 weeks ish!:(
Movement: umm I think so? I cant work it out, feels like bubbles, and like a rolling twisty sensation kind of, i'm not sure!
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: some cramps and pains around the belly, Horribly itchy boobs and nipples, weight gain, my hair is falling out A LOT!!! Occasional dizziness.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit. Thats about it!!
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate water veg like cucumber. I have gone off a lot of things
Mood: Mood is better and I feel brighter:)

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