Thursday, 12 September 2013


Well today was our NHS booked dating scan (yes the one I couldn't wait for hence having previous ones!) And it is also the scan in which the test for Down Syndrome is offered. For this test Blood is taken as well as some measurements from the ultra sound known as the nuchal translucency where the measurements are taken of the fluid space between the back of the neck. 

When I went in for the scan, I was very tearful. I have been like this since the start of the pregnancy, call it hormonal stress or genuine anxiety! But for some reason I was very tearful, frightened and also tired! Probably as I knew these test would take place. I was unaware that the Downs test was optional however (I am aware the Amniocentesis test is, but only after the risk chance is worked out from the NT)

The sonographer was so reassuring and lovely, however she was concerned about how I would be after my risk factors came back. She stated that many women have said to her that they wish they never took it as it only made them have very miserable pregnancies especially when the test factors came back as medium or high risk. And even then the test is never 100%. Chris and I know that really to us the test means nothing. Whatever the out come, it is our baby and we will love him him/her no matter what and if we did have a Downs baby with an extra Chromosome, then that's one more chromosome to love. Of course at our 20 week scan, we will have more test done for any abnormalities. 

She let us go out for a coffee for a short break to just think about it and also because the baby was so wriggly she could't get any good measurements!! We talked it over and is was just not a option for us to take. We went back into the room and had a lovely scan! Baby is now nearly 3 inches and was very active and wriggly. She did take the neck measurement for us just for some extra reassurance (it is the blood test she would need if we wanted the full screening)  as it showed that it is within normal range. 

I feel much more reassured and happier about this!Our dates again have changed!!Only she stated that now the dates dont change just the size of the baby!! Sooo give or take a week we are due the 21st of March not the 19th! Making me 12 weeks and 6 days!! I have included scans from the previous scan at 11ws and 5 days that dated us 12 weeks and also the scans from today that dated us 12 weeks and 6 days!!So pretty much 13 weeks!!

So here is our baby today at 12ws 6 ds

And below is 12 weeks exactly though we though I was 11 weeks plus! It is a much clearer scan or at least baby legs are much more obvious! We did see more detailed feet this time and also the the body is now watching up with the head!!


And here is my bump at 10 weeks and also 12/13 weeks!!Again I think there is a lot of bloating as in the morning its really small and as you can see 10 weeks its bigger!!!

How far along? 12 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain: Lost 3lbs
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings and some tops
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Still weird dreams and the odd wake up for a pee!
What I miss: Not much!
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: bloating, some cramps and pains around the belly, Horribly itchy boobs and nipples (sorry for TMI),ache or at least my skin is worse due to oils, my hair is falling out A LOT!!!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit. Oh I seems to like curry and find myself thinking about it...A LOT!!
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate water veg like cucumber. I have gone off a lot of things
Mood: Mood is better 

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